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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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firefighters in the santa cruz mountains could get help from mother nature as they battle the lola fire. more than a dozens homes -- dozen homes in petaluma damaged in a fire. a dozen students walk out of class in the east bay admits controversy over there schools accreditation. fox 2news at noon starts now. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. i am mike mibach. this is in the town of townsville. a shooting reported 11:00 our time, an hour ago, multiple reports from local agencies saying that two people have been injured, one report saying those injured our students. the sheriff's department says a suspect was taken into custody. helicopters have been landing there at this elementary
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school, k-six. this is in anderson county, east of columbia. helicopters have been landing there, transporting some students, other students getting on buses, transported to other schools. again, to reemphasize, from the anderson county sheriff, a suspect taken into custody, two injured at the school shooting in townsville. the treasure is in san francisco to make an announcement regarding wells fargo. >> wells fargo was fined $185 million after it was found take employees opened fraudulent accounts to meet sales goals.>> the top executive answers questions in washington. john stumpf is testifying before the house financial services committee. the bank is already laying off thousands of workers who created the account as a way to meet high sales goals.
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stump will give up $41 million in stock options and his salary until further notice. the head of community banking has also resigned and will forfeit $19 million. fire crews working to fight the lomar fire burning in santa cruz mountains. this is a live picture from sky fox. you can see one helicopter there in the air above what appears to be rugged terrain, dipping a bucket into the water. i'm assuming it is bringing the water back to put on the flames. crews did a good job holding the fire lines overnight. at this point, the fire is 10% contained. it has burned through 2250 acres.>> jane de la vega was with firefighters before they headed to the front lines. -- janine de la vega was with firefighters before they headed to the front lines. >> reporter: it's 10 degrees
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cooler than yesterday. that drop in temperature will help fire crews fighting the flames. overnight, the fire stayed within the boundaries that cal fire had set. it is burn more than 2200 acres but has moved toward newbies canyon on the east side above morgan hill. firefighters from all over california have come here to help. today they are attacking it from the ground using bulldozers and line cruise. helicopters and aircraft will continue to drop water in the canyon areas. >> last night fire activity did increase. we expect with the cooler weather it will not be as intense as yesterday. we will fight fire aggressively again today.>> reporter: so far one home and six outbuildings have been destroyed. 300 homes are still threatened. cal fire said a damage assessment team would come in to see if anything was missed.
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there are evacuations in the communities but not all residents are leaving. that's a problem. when they do leave, they can impact the roads that firefighters need to get equipment up the mountain. janine de la vega, fox 2news. bad air quality from the loma fire. a health advisory has been set. they will be monitoring the smoke as it may be increasing. petaluma residents face the aftermath of last night's wildfire. homeowners were running to escape the flames.>> -- >> reporter: this shows you how dangerous fire conditions are this time of year. the fire allegedly started off highway 101. it was a grass fire that quickly spread to the backyards of these homes. you're looking at one him of
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the houses that was destroyed. there are four houses completely destroyed, 10 others damage. several people say they were home at the time but had little time react -- to react to the flames around their home. by the time fire cruise arrived cop out -- houses were already on fire. four were destroyed and 10 more damage. a man suffered smoke inhalation any young woman burn the bottom of her feet when she ran barefoot out of her house to rescue an elderly neighbor. homeowners blame the eucalyptus trees used as a buffer between the highway in the home for intensifying this fire. the trees ignited quickly and the winds lou the embers off the tops and onto houses. >> we asked for a wall. it never happened.>> reporter:
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crews came out to hose down the hot spot. the fires likely started off highway 101. while it's still under investigation, fire officials believe it is a human cause that started the fire. there's a facebook page called helping petaluma and that is setting up donations for the people who have lost their homes. if you take a look towards highway 101 you'll see caltrans out there. we spoke to a spokesperson and asked is caltrans responsible for the trees. we were told they are currently looking into whether they are there responsibility and if they will be taken down. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2news. students walked out of in oakland middle school today, concerned about getting proper credit to get in the college. madison park academy is running into an accreditation issue that affects students applying to csu or you see. the issue prevents the students
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from getting proper credit for classes. the students were just notified about the problem last night.>> i feel kind of depressed. all this time, they could a told us from the beginning and it could've been resolved. now they decided to tell us just now. we don't know what other secrets they have been holding out. >> one of many frustrated students. we have calls into the district and are waiting for a response. when we get it you will see it here. in oakland police officer arrested with the oakland six scandal is not out on bail. this is the photo for brian bunton. authorities say he posted his $12,500 bail and was released from jail. >> he was arraigned last friday on obstruction of justice and prostitution. he was accused of exchanging
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sex for tipping off a prostitute on stings. now to southern california. tensions are high after police officer shot and killed an african-american in el cajon. 100 protesters gathered at the shooting scene last night to hold a peaceful protest. they let candles to mourn the man who has been identified as alfredo all on the. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon as police responded to a report of a man walking in traffic and acting erratically. the man put his hand into his pants pocket one officers arrived. officers fired a taser and another officer fired his gun. >> now is the time for calm. now is the time for allowing the investigation to shed light
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on the event. we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law.>> my sister told me they shot my brother. >> reporter: no gun was recovered at the scene. a witness says the man reportedly had a mental disability, may have had a seizure. they are not saying what the man was pointing at police. nap investigation accuses police officers of abusing their power. the ap says it found after requesting records that 325 officers between now and last year were fired or resigned. they improperly searched databases for information on people including journalists and neighbors. clinton in trump are back out on the campaign trail today. trump is in new hampshire.
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he will make a pitch to young voters. he also picked up endorsements from john warner and the arizona republic which has backed republicans for the past 126 years.>> people are so cynical about politics. they are so cynical about the division that they seek and they wonder if people can work together on the big issues that matter to us. john warner is the example of how it can be done and how it should be done.>> donald trump met with the polish-american group in chicago this morning before heading to rallies in wisconsin and iowa. the vice presidential candidates will meet for a debate next tuesday, october 4, at longwood university. the second debate is october 9 at washington university in st.
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louis. ktvu's ross palombo will attend the third and final debate. friday's funeral for shimon peres, israeli prime minister. he suffered a stroke two weeks ago and has been in the hospital every sense -- ever since. he was awarded the nobel peace prize for his negotiations with the palestinians. his son said his father had no other interests than serving the people of israel.>> we were privileged to have been part of a private family but today we sense that the entire nation of israel in the global community mourn this great loss. we share this pain. >> otherworld figures that will attend on friday include
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oakland and hillary clinton. prince charles and the president of france and mexico. president obama released a statement calling paris the ss -- essence of israel. he says, a light has gone out pop --, but the hope you gave us will live forever. what federal prosecutors want a judge to determine before a man changes his plea. a cool down underway a across the bay area. we will check in with mark tamayo with how low the temperatures will drop. updating breaking news, we now know two students and one teacher have been wounded after a shooting at a south carolina elementary school. we also know the teen suspect is in, city. -- is in custody. we will follow the breaking news when we come back.
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new information, a man at the center of the kidnapping case out of belay hope wants to plead guilty. according to records last night, matthew muller plans to ask a judge to change his plea. prosecutors say he suffers from mental illness and they want a judge to make sure the change of plea is not being influenced by medication. he is accused of kidnapping denise huskins in march he is
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accused of kidnapping denise huskins in march 2014. prior to his arrest, he accused her and her boyfriend of faking the kidnapping. they are suing belay hope police for destroying their reputations. a daly city man has been arrested accused of sexually abusing three girls over several years. jay sole -- jason daniel sanchez is being held on $9 million bond. according to the da, and allegation stems from an incident in june when he allegedly tried to have sex with an unconscious 13-year-old after giving her alcohol. orinda police are looking for two man who beat in robbed a couple as they unloaded groceries. tom spalding and his wife, carol brown, were outside their home monday night when their attack. spalding says his wife picked him up and picked him up at safeway. in the armed man approached them. he said she thought it was a joke. the arm suspect shot heard two
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times when she refused to give up her purse. >> i was unloading my stuff from the back of the car. carol was standing in front waiting for me to come in. this guy comes up to me and meanwhile the other guy sort of jumped around on the stairs when after carol. i bolted for the door, called police. someone there -- somewhere in their carol was getting shot at.>> spalding says it may take 3 to 6 what -- months for his wife to recover. an effort is underway to remain golden gate park after robin williams. according to the chronicle, other comedians want to remember robin williams contribution is san francisco. it would cost about $100,000 to change the name. a hot start to the workweek. here on wednesday, mark, it
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will cool down. >> today's a transition day heading towards a cooler weekend. possibly a few rain showers. we will watch that over the next few days. we will talk about the fire coverage across northern california. you can see the aerial attack here in the conditions of the fire started. we had some very hot temperatures. we are talking about a cooling twin -- trend in more moisture. the fog will eventually help things out. here is the fire zone. you can see we have traced in the winds as well. a southerly flow. that could transport snow to this -- spoke to the santa clara valley. the condition with the fire zone, right now we have a temperature of 82 degrees. relative humidity still pretty dry. winds thankfully not strong, 4- 5 miles an hour. our forecast for today, we will
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begin to cool off, especially co-side. still some warm numbers inland. tomorrow we will continue to cool off. into the weekend, more clouds and maybe a few showers approaching the bay area. be watching out for that. fog up-and-down the coastline. here is crescent city, down towards port conception. in between we have this fog bank hugging a good portion of the shoreline. there are the clouds towards ocean beach, toward the headlands, point raises well. the low clouds will continue to push back into the bank for tonight and into thursday morning. current numbers, we still have pretty warm temperatures inland. towards livermore, 84. fairfield, 82. san jose in the upper 70s. lower 70s for santa rosa. a cooler forecast for today. an area of high pressure losing
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its grip and weakening over northern california. pretty warm temperatures for the interior. a significant drop off as we approach the weekend. we were hot yesterday, cooling things off today. more pronounced cooling thursday, friday, and the weekend as the weather system moves in from the north. as far as temperatures, we are keeping it cool. o sides, the readings in the lower 60s toward half-moon bay. lots of 80s in the warmest locations still right around 90 degrees towards antioch. half-moon bay, 61, santa cruz in the upper 60s, close to 70. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast and temperatures collapse over the next few days. not by a few degrees but tomorrow down 8-10 degrees. that trend will continue into the weekend. clouds for friday and saturday. look what happens on sunday. we do bring in the chance for some rain showers across the bay area. that could be changing. the first system of the year is always tricky. let's stay tuned. keep the umbrella on standby.
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their as soon as we roll into october, here it comes. fire officials say a 14- year-old boy started a grass fire that spread. the flames damage one mouse and burn acres of grass and trees. several homes were also threatened. police sighted the teenager for playing with matches and referred into the fire center and intervention program. the sonoma fire broke out sunday and is 85% contained. there were two minor injuries but no more evacuation center report. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the threat of government shutdown hanging over washington. the agreement just reached today as the deadline looms.
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a few hours ago, the u.s. senate voted to override president obama's be toe of the bill that would allow the families of september 11 victims to sue saudi arabia. obama said he had sympathy for the families but that the legislation would invite lawsuits against the united states and would weaken national security. a two thirds vote is required to override the veto. this marks the first time congress has voted to override and obama veto. the government shutdown looming.
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>> republicans and democrats are scrambling to keep federal funds flowing before time runs out on friday. jo walton has the latest.>> reporter: democrats refusing to sign off on support for funding of the government unless one of the main issues is addressed. in order to move forward with a spending bill, democrats want reassurances congress will guarantee federal funding to address the drinking water crisis in places like sweat, michigan. >> these are hard-working families who through no fault of their own have found themselves poisoned.>> reporter: house leaders have reached a deal to allow a vote on a separate amendment, part of a waterways bill which includes funding for lead contaminated communities like flint. the senate blocked a measure that would keep the government fully operating because it did not incorporated $220 million aid package for areas plagued with drinking water problems. one day later, senate leaders
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seem more optimistic about a solution being reached. err our colleagues in the house made good progress last night on the way forward to help the people of went.>> i am happy to see progress has been made in the house of representatives with respect to flip, michigan. this is a step in the right direction.>> the full house -- house is set to vote later today. houses would still need to reconcile both of their bills before spandrel -- federal spending expires at midnight. six senators are asking yahoo ceo, marissa mayer, to explain why the company did not disclose a security breach fast enough. they called her handling of the attack unacceptable. yahoo announced that half 1
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billion accounts were hacked even though the breach happened in 2014. a spokesman has said the company plans to respond in a timely and appropriate manner. right now, yahoo stock up half a percentage point. looking at the big board, the dow jones up 73, stocks slightly higher in afternoon trading. energy companies rising as oil rides higher. two the ramaker's -- beer makers could become one company. budweiser could incorporate miller. regulators around the world have approved the merger. the company will be called ab and will make a third of all the beard glove made globally. funding halted for a major construction project in san diego. why officials say the money is on hold. he says to pull the lever, and i just do it.>> a
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special bond between a garbage collector in one of his youngest customers. the garbage collector needs help after an accident. what the six-year-old friend is doing.
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ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. martinez police are investigating the crash that claimed the life of an atm-year- old last night.
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it happened just after 8:30. investigators say hendrickson may have been speeding when he crashed into a tree. they say he was trapped inside the vehicle and died at the scene. deputies in oakland say they confiscated four firearms including an unsolved rifle -- and automatic assault rifle. they also seized ammunition, clips, as well as a bulletproof vest. the search was in the connection with teixeira bolton, wanted in connection with a recent robbery on an ac transit bus. bolden has been booked on 11 weapons related felonies. in san francisco, construction could be delayed on the chance bay transit center because of the millennium tower.>> city leaders have halted funded -- funding to the center.>> reporter: supervisors in san francisco have decided to stop funding the terminal project at least for the time being while
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they sort out what the issues are with millennium tower, which is very close by. this condo tower behind us has sunk 16 inches over the past eight years. it was only predicted to settle between about four and 6 inches. experts say the building might sink another 30 inches in the future. officials with millennium tower have suggested the nearby chance bay transit center project was to blame. that's why yesterday san francisco city leaders voted to withhold nearly $7 million in funding for the second phase of the transit project which would create a caltrain extension into downtown. however, not everyone supported that move. scott wiener, one of three supervisors who voted to continue funding design work for the terminal. >> let's get the design started to get the train to downtown san francisco.
12:33 pm
whatever the cause of the millennium tower thing, it's not relevant to the designed of the downtown train.>> reporter: according to a report, the power authority says the entire project could be in jeopardy if that money is not released or the project could be delayed significantly. we should point out that yesterday's vote was not the final decision. supervisors will meet once again next month to discuss whether to continue funding phase 2 of the chance bay terminal project alex savidge, ktvu fox 2news. to the north, brand-new apartment complex for homeless families plans to open next month despite being burglarized. it happened either sunday or -- sunday night or monday morning. thieves smashed a laundry room door and stole $12,000 worth of appliances including a stoke
12:34 pm
our refrigerator. the complex is being developed by homeward bound with donations. it now says it needs more donations to finish the project. oakland will hold his tent the fire no community meeting it search for the city's new police chief. the meeting started at 6:00 -- is starting at 6:00 at the fruitvale village apartment complex. the goal of these meetings is to gather input on what police -- people believe works for the police department. people are also being asked about the qualities they want to see in the next police chief. so far the answers have included someone who understands the community and is committed to development. also, someone who is compassionate and trustworthy. one of three drifters that kills to killing a woman and golden gate park and the hiker in marin county has admitted. sean angle described how he and the other defendants one of drug fueled crime spree.
12:35 pm
he says they met audrey carry at ocean beach then lord her to golden gate park to rob her. angle says morrison lampley was the one who pulled the trigger.>> all of this business that he is talking about you can see he has put himself in a passive position. that's not the way it went down.>> they testified they needed a car so they headed to bring county. he says they targeted steve carter, found dead on a hiking trail. testimony at the preliminary hearing is expected and later today.>> a controversial proposal in oakland on how permits are issued for operating marijuana businesses is on hold. last night oakland's public safety commission voted 2-2 to give 25% of their profits in the seat on the board of direction yours -- directors to
12:36 pm
the city. it would require that people live in oakland for at least five years. supporters say the requirements --. residents in the east bay, the water utility there is now telling customers that even if the water tastes a little off, it is safe to drink. the year in the treatment plant was taken off-line for upgrades and those customers were switch to the san paolo. officials say because the water comes from reservoirs with mud bottoms. a central boys trying to help a veteran garbage collector who has recently been paralyzed. >> they formed a friendship during the garbage collectors weekly stops.
12:37 pm
amber lee explains what the boys doing to make a difference.>> reporter: shortly before six, middle valley refuse rolled out its garbage collection trucks. several mars away -- miles away, this young man is having breakfast. the six-year-old waits for the sound of the garbage truck and runs outside to greet the garbage collector. when he moved into the neighborhood year ago, he met steve. >> he let me pour the lever -- pull the lever. i just do it. >> reporter: steve stop coming by a few weeks ago. it was a different garbageman.>> he is not there, he is sick or something. maybe he was running late. >> reporter: he was not running late. he was seriously injured. on august 22, he crashed his
12:38 pm
pickup truck into the toll plaza on his way to work. his family says he can't remember what happened but they suspect he fell asleep at the wheel. steve's family says he remains in the hospital paralyzed from the chest down.>> he won't be able to walk again. >> reporter: the boys mom said steve is sick and will not be coming by. he told his mom he wanted to help. err i said that's amazing. of course, let's do it.>> reporter: she is held two bake sales and raise $1000 and given the money to steve's family. >> it gives you a new sense of oh.>> reporter: steve's daughter showed this photo of paxton. >> he didn't say much. i could tell in his face was very appreciative. >> reporter: every tuesday, paxton still runs out to the
12:39 pm
garbage truck. he knows the collector won't be steve but hopes to be able to talk to his friend again.>> reporter: i wouldn't say are you okay, see. i hope you feel better. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu fox 2news. a mother and father of dan -- from danville have worked to get california to join 14 states to check before writing prescriptions for narcotics. troy pack and seven-year-old a lot of pack died after being hit by a car that ran up onto the sidewalk. their parents, carmen and bob pack were shocked when the driver had a mix of alcohol and muscle relaxants in his blood. the driver had received prescriptions from six different doctors, all unaware of the other prescriptions. >> nine of them new that they were overprescribing. that's what alarmed me and said
12:40 pm
i need to do something.>> it took six years to set up a database for doctors to check. doctors now must check that database. still ahead, the latest in the san francisco giants race for the wild-card. who is responsible for shooting down a passenger plane over the ukraine two years ago. a cool down continues, some brain possibly on the way. we'll check back in with mark tamayo with the details after the break. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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developing news from san francisco. wells fargo is facing strict sanctions, fallout for defrauding its customers. treas. john chong announced he has ordered the suspension of the banks participation in some of its most profitable business relationships right here in california. the sanctions include suspension of investments by treasurers office and all wells fargo securities. >> suspension of the use of the bank as a middleman for investments by the treasurer's office.>> the bank cannot be an underwriter on negotiated sales of state bonds involving the treasurers office. >> we continue to monitor what's happening in our newsroom. we will get your updates as soon as we have the>> you can find the latest online it
12:44 pm new information out of europe word international group of investigators has announced results into the downing of flight inmate 17 over ukraine a little over two years ago. >> officials say they have evidence linking russian backed rebels to the tragedy. moskow continues to deny it. >> reporter: this is what was left after the malaysia airlines plane was shot down in 2014. a joint criminal investigation led by the dutch finding evidence that the flight was taken out by a missile moved into the country from neighboring russia. after the strike, investigators say the launcher was then sent back to russian territory. the first conversation shows the urgent need, the second shows that it was delivered.>> the flight went down in a rebel held area of the ukraine. 298 on board were killed.
12:45 pm
pro-russian militants limited access to the crash site. debris was sent to the netherlands for research.>> we are focusing on around 100 people to be connected one way or another with the downing of flight inmate 17 of the trans- florida loop. --.>> reporter: moskow has long denied separatist were involved.>> it probably would've been launched under the control of the ukrainian military. >> a spec britt investigation found that the flight was shot down by a missile fired from rebel held territory in ukraine. police say today's findings are different because they are solid enough to be used as evidence in a criminal trial. greg malcolm, fox news. back down to the firefight in the santa cruz mountains, sky fox overhead. you can see the smoke still coming up. we're approaching a 48 hour mark. this sparked up on monday
12:46 pm
afternoon a little bit after 3:00. this fire has destroyed at least one structure. hundred still threatened and evacuations underway. the good news it is 10% contained so far about 2250 acres have burned. we take a live look over the scene. we will bring in mark tamayo. temperatures in this area dramatically lower than this time yesterday. >> after the fire started we had temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. still relatively drive at the observation is not showing a lot of win. take a look at the visuals. not a lot of movement on the trees as well. that's great news. i think if things go according to plan, the containment number should be going up a bit with the weather helping with a cooler forecast today and into thursday and friday. it's always tough to say what will happen with that portion of the bay area.
12:47 pm
localized squirrels -- swirls could change the fire behavior. fog is back. this was snapped at around aquatic park. a significant drop-off in the numbers coast side, even right around san francisco in the bay itself. coming closer, the fog at the shoreline. we have some pretty warm numbers to talk about still. towards walnut creek, temperatures in the 80s. san jose, 77. san francisco, one site only showing you 58 degrees. approaching the lower 60s. a bit of a cooldown for today, still some pretty warm to hot numbers inland, flirting with 90 degrees. more pronounced cooling as we head towards thursday, friday, into the weekend as the system moves in, could have gusty winds. that's not good for fire danger but it will be cooler, more moisture, and enough moisture, we're talking about this other possibility of showers. into friday, still dry in the
12:48 pm
bay area. the net result will be cooler temperatures friday and some clouds first thing for the morning hours. that's friday. let's take this into saturday. activity developing to the north. look what happens on sunday. this model, a bit more aggressive. rain showers back into the bay area especially for the northern half. not as much for the south bay down towards morgan hill and gilroy. from san francisco north, we could be talking about rain showers for the second half of the weekend. quite a few days out. this will change a bit but we are bringing in a chance for sunday. temperatures today, we are cooling things off in transitioning in that direction. warmest locations right around 90 degrees. san francisco, 65, santa rosa, 84. s'more neighborhoods, san jose, 83, gilmore eight -- gilroy, 85. a pretty big drop off.
12:49 pm
thursday, friday, by the weekend, we're thinking of 60s in some 70s. i sunday we bring in a chance of scattered rain showers, especially up for the northern half of the bay area. it's the time of year we have big swings in the area. on sunday we could be talking about some rain and maybe another warm-up inside after that.>> the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is sunday. >> absolutely. the giants finally got a much-needed win last night, be king -- beating the rockies 12-3. they keep a hold on a wild-card spots -- spot with five games left in the regular season. felt was a home run short of hitting the cycle. buster posey also reached a career or milestone. he had a home run in the fifth that was his 1000 of his
12:50 pm
career. crawford with a triple. moore had a good outing, giving up his one run. he got a career-high with 11 strikeouts. the mets are still at the top of those wild-card standings. the giants are in the second spot behind the mets by half again. the cardinals are game back. the miami marlins have been eliminated from contention. the oakland a's will try to avoid getting swept in anaheim. the angels scored seven runs in the fourth thanks in part to the grand slam. the a's have only recorded 10 hits in the last few games. a couple on the scoreboard where the gyasi young lady to bury him. took out the ring and the ring dropped. they could not find it.>> that poor young man could not find the ring but the fans were there for the couple.
12:51 pm
they all dropped, started looking for the diamond, to them about five minutes of frantic searching. they found the ring. even better, it was in the cuff of his pants. you see the relief. the ring is found. absolutely. he asked the question, she gives the response, they kiss, there is the happy ending. the man was going on two hours of sleep. he was so rattled he almost cried. coming up, guest stars on tonight's empire. we will hear him talk about his role in the series in the important issue being addressed tonight.
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fox's hit show empire continues tonight with take digs. >> we are excited to talk about him with the plot of the show and the issue of ptsd.>> -- >> reporter: take digs makes his first of several planned appearances on empire. he plays a businessman who helps jessie smalls character with posttraumatic stress disorder. >> i don't appreciate you exploding my situation. >> this is something very real. idea was stage fright
12:55 pm
sometimes. it's is not stage fright. this is very real. the idea of healing physically but not really healing emotionally can leave the biggest star of all.>> you don't have to have been in the armed forces to have suffered from it. it is carried in it happens on all different fronts. it's something that is a real thing that needs to be dealt with. >> i hope you feel differently as you get to know me.>> reporter: the character is also interested in cookies. >> i am pursuing her romantically. she has shut me down up to this point. i feel like i will be able to make a little headway.>> even when you know you're dealing  with the devil it still hurts.>> the characters on empire will continue to deal with topical issues. >> that is part of the connection. that is the reason why it has
12:56 pm
become such a phenomenon. regardless of race or culture, religion, sexuality, gender, age, we all can identify somehow with these characters. we have all been judge that one him or 1 billion times in our lives. we've all been the underdog at one point.>> reporter: michele trolli no, fox 2news. >> we follow major developments announced in san francisco we brought you moments ago. the treasurer detailing major sanctions against wells fargo.>> we will tell you how they affect wells fargo customers and how the business will be impacted going lowered. taking a look at the big board, a few minutes away from the closing bell, you can see the dow jones doing pretty well. janet yellen says she believes the economy is ready for a rate
12:57 pm
hike by the end of the year as long as no significant new risks arrived. thank you for joining us today. we'll see you back here at four on two.>> we are everywhere. >> everywhere.
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>> people rocked by nature. >> he was struck by lightning. >> he suffered third degree burns. dr. oz: can she be fixed? and three anti-aging secrets the botched doctors swear by. plus, my daughter daphne shows you how to make the kitchen your kingdom and puts a new spin on all your favorite dishes. oming up next. dr. oz: you guys getting healthy? [cheers and applause] dr. oz: they are renowned


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